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I. Reading Comprehension 

Passage One 

If leadership, basically speaking, consists of getting things done through others, then 

persuasion is one of the leader’s essential tools. Many executives have assumed that this tool is 

beyond their grasp, available only to the charismatic (有魅力的) and the eloquent. Over the past 

several decades, though, experimental psychologists have learned which methods reliably lead 

people to compromise, dissent, or change. Their research shows that persuasion is governed by 

several principles that can be taught and applied. 

The first principle is that people are more likely to follow someone who is similar to them 

than someone who is not. Wise managers, then, enlist peers to help make their cases. Second, 

people are more willing to cooperate with those who are like them as well as those who like them. 

So it’s worth the time to uncover real similarities and offer genuine praise. 

Third, experiments confirm the intuitive truth that people tend to treat you the way you treat 

them. It’s sound policy to do a favor before seeking one. Fourth, individuals are more likely to 

keep promises they make voluntarily and explicitly. The message for managers here is to get 

commitments in writing. Fifth, studies show that people really do have respect for experts. So 

before they attempt to exert influence, executives should take pains to establish their own 

expertise and not assume that it’s self-evident. Finally, people want more of a commodity when 

it’s scarce; it follows, then, that exclusive information is more persuasive than widely available 


1. Many executives think that ________. 

A) they don’t have to acquire the skills of persuasion 

B) they have mastered the skills of persuasion 

C) it is impossible for them to handle persuasion 

D) persuasion is of no use 

2. The psychologists’ research shows that ________. 

A) persuasion is beyond average people’s grasp 

B) persuasion can be learned 

C) people tend to ignore the importance of persuasion 

D) people are born with the ability to persuade 

3. According to the passage, people are less willing to work together with ________. 

A) those who are different from them 

B) their relatives and friends 

C) those who like them 

D) their classmates and teachers 

4. The author warns the manager ________. 

A) to have any promise made by others written down 

B) not to break their promises 

C) to make promises explicitly and willingly 

D) to help people keep their promises 

5. The executives can strengthen their position ________. 

A) even if they don’t have any expertise 

B) if they know something unknown to their subordinates 

C) if they have more commodities 

D) even if they don’t know how to persuade 

Passage Two 

Trade secretes cover everything that patents cover, and much more. A trade secret is 

knowledge, which may include business knowledge or technical knowledge, that is kept secret for 

the purpose of gaining an advantage in business over one’s competitors. Customer lists, sources of 

supply of scarce material, or sources of supply with faster delivery or lower prices may be trade 

secrets. Certainly, secret processes, formulas, techniques, manufacturing know-how, advertising 

schemes, marketing programs, and business plans are all protectable. 

There is no standard of invention to meet as there is with a patent. If the idea is new in this 

context, if it is secret with respect to this particular industry or product, then it can be protected as 

a trade secret. Unlike patents, trademarks, and copyrights, there is no formal procedure for 

obtaining trade secret protection. Protection is established by the nature of the secret and the effort 

to keep it secret. 

A trade secret is protected eternally against disclosure by all those who have received it in 

confidence and all who would obtain it by theft for as long as the knowledge or information is 

kept secret. In contrast to patent protection, there are no statutory (法定的) requirements for 

novelty or restrictions on the subject matter. 

The disadvantage of trade secrets compared with patents is that there is no protection against 

discovery by fair means, such as accidental disclosure and independent inventions. Many 

important inventions, such as the laser and the airplane, were developed more or less 

simultaneously by different persons. Trade secret protection would not permit the first inventor to 

prevent the second and subsequent inventors from exploiting the invention as a patent would. 

6. Compared with patents, trade secrets ________. 

A) are easier to protect B) should meet certain standard of invention 

C) need statutory support  D) cover a larger scope 

7. ________ is a trade secret. 

A) M in McDonald B) An employment contract 

C) A Manual of Volkswagon D) Formula 

8. The protection of ________ becomes effective without any formal procedure. 

A) trade secrets  B) patents C) copyrights D) trademarks 

9. A trade secret doesn’t have to be something ________. 

A) novel B) unique C) complicated D) useful 

10. Unlike patents, ________. 

A) trade secrets can be obtained by others illegally 

II. Vocabulary and Structure 

11. Even now, World Health Organization (WHO) specialists are not completely sure that the 

coronavirus (冠状病毒), which they have identified in patients, is the sole cause, and there are 

many _____ features about the method of transmission. 

A) intriguing B) shiny C) puzzling D) aggressive 

12. In the summer Jim and I have breakfast out on the _____. 

A) avenue  B) cabin C) open D) patio 

13. The troops were in a(n) _____ position, completely exposed to attack from the air. 

A) remarkable B) grave C) vulnerable D) indispensable 

14. He came back to the tent very late and _____ in as silently as he could. 

A) crept B) skied C) fluttered D) wandered 

15. All the paths across the park _____ at the main gate. 

A) converge B) transform C) depart  D) diverge 

16. It is surprising such a criminal should _____ a great scholar. 

A) pass for B) regard as C) single out D) boast as 

17. This nation has defeated tyrants, _____ death camps and raised this lamp of liberty to every 

captive land. 

A) overseen B) enforced C) liberated D) unsung 

18. Be _____. Our country is strong. And our cause is even larger than our country. Ours is the 

cause of human dignity: freedom guided by conscience, and guarded by peace. 

A) diligent  B) prepared C) capable D) confident 

19. That story has too many gaps in it to _____. 

A) make sense B) make it C) make like D) make over 

20. The Bush administration says the tax cuts will give the U.S. economy and the world economy 

a badly needed boost and the faster growth will help lower U.S. _____ deficits in the coming 


A) tariff B) statistics C) budget D) existence 

21. The development and research of TMD (Threat Missile Defence System) does not _____ the 

trend of the times. 

A) result in B) go with C) stand up D) head for 

22. Insurance companies blame rising medical bills for high _____ costs. 

A) policy B) painful C) household D) guarantee 

23. Adherence to the principle of one China is the basis and _____ for peaceful reunification. 

A) premise B) settlement C) commitment D) arrangement 

24. J.P Morgan Canada said the spread of the SARS virus could slash up to 1.5 _____ points off 

April-June growth in Canada. 

A) percentage B) undergrowth C) commitment D) recovery 

25. Recently I was visited by a very good friend who had just returned from a long walk in the 

woods, and I asked her what she had observed. “Nothing _____,” she replied. 

A) as a result B) in particular C) on balance D) at that point 

26. You’ve got something in your eye – try _____ your eyes a few times. 

A) orbiting B) blinking C) spraying D) diverging 

27. His persistent moaning about his personal problems has been really _____ me lately. 

A) bugging B) enforcing C) transforming D) compelling 

28. The factory workers all star working at 8:00 a.m. and _____ at 3:00 p.m. 

A) head for B) take off C) close in D) knock off 

29. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill this month making online gambling a federal 

crime. Critics of the industry say the crackdown is _____. 

A) on a small scale B) at risk  C) on the latch D) long overdue 

30. The parents said they would on no account _____ in their only child the smallest degree of 


A) authorize B) converge C) recommend D) adopt 

III. Cloze (10%) 

The expression “lame duck”, can be heard in almost any American town or city, especially 

where people discuss politics. Most often, they use it to _31_ a politician who has come to the end 

of his power – a Congressman, for example, who has a few more weeks in office and will _32_ be 

out of a job. 

There are a number of ideas _33_ where “lame duck” came from, _34_ the picture is clear 

enough – a duck that has its wings clipped, or its web-feet injured, and can _35_ walk or waddle 

like a healthy one. 

The term seems to have crept into the American language some time after the _36_ war of 

1861-1865. One explanation is that it came from the language of hunters who felt that it was 

foolish to _37_ powder or time on a dead duck. And a lame duck – even a sitting duck – is close to 

_38_ a dead duck. Another explanation, however, says that the expression came _39_ England. 

There it was used to describe a man who lost all his _40_ in stocks, was cleaned out and could not 

pay his debts. He could no nothing _41_ waddle off like a lame duck. And – so the story goes –

people showed _42_ mercy for the poor fellow. 

But in the United States people took the phrase to describe a congressman who _43_ to get 

reelected but still had a little time left in office until his successor was sworn in. 

In time, the expression was used in a broader _44_, generally describing any man _45_ days 

of power were coming to an end. It has often been used to describe the position of an American 

president in the last two years or so of his second _46_. It is a difficult time for him, when 

Congress is ready to _47_ him at every turn. 

It may refuse to work with him simply because his days in the White House are numbered. 

_48_ sun is setting. It is not a happy time. It is like old age coming on. And people, like animals, 

are cruel to lame ducks, ready to _49_ them out. Their eyes are already turned toward the new 

leader, the new man in _50_. 

31. A) promote B) judge C) reward D) describe 

32. A) then B) also C) thus D) already 

33. A) on to B) above  C) to D) as to 

34. A) for B) since C) although D) once 

35. A) usually  B) no longer C) of course D) still 

36. A) national B) word C) civil D) country 

37. A) save B) waste C) utilize  D) consume 

38. A) be  B) pretending C) being D) taming 

39. A) to B) out of C) across  D) from 

40. A) money B) salary  C) treasure D) property 

41. A) else B) and C) but D) except 

42. A) much B) little C) their D) some 

43. A) used B) failed C) attempted D) was asked 

44. A) sense B) zones C) range D) respect 

45. A) when B) of which C) of how D) whose 

46. A) term B) time C) substitute D) stage 

47. A) identify  B) lodge C) prefer  D) oppose 

48. A) His B) Their C) Its D) The 

49. A) hold 

B) hint 

C) drive 

D) find 

50. A) use 

B) command 

C) prejudice 

D) preference 

I.Reading Comprehension 


II. Vocabulary and Structure 






See the World 

It is quite vital for university students to see the society. Having stayed in the ivory tower for 

over ten years to learn a lot of theoretical knowledge from textbooks, the students still feel 

bewildered as soon as they step out of the campus. 

It is time they got to know the world outside the campus right now. fortunately, the society has 

offered them various opportunities to practice what they have learned in school. They can learn to 

cooperate with others and to contribute their knowledge to the society. One of my friends once 

managed to find a part-time job of tutoring a girl of 8. 

Through this experience, he has learned how to deal with people and how to dedicate his love 

to people who are in need of it. Consequently, he can always be ready when confronted with a 

chance to know the world for he has really benefited a lot from it. 


Many arguments exist about the advantages and disadvantages of an exam. Some students 

complain that their teachers have given them too many exams and they have little spare time 

whereas teachers hold it true that some of their students do not work hard only because they do not 

have frequent examinations. 

The examinations can show what and how much a student has mastered. It is fairly evident 

that a teacher prefers to give his students a test after he has finished teaching a unit. On the part of 

a teacher, he can find how well his students have grasped in the unit learning. On the part of the 

students, they can learn what aspects they fail to master and should pay more attention to later. 

Therefore, examinations, if given at reasonable intervals, can benefit both the teachers and 

the students. From examinations, teachers can figure out what points they have missed in teaching 

and must work hard to improve and the students can also focus their concentration on their 


Children’s Books 

Different books are designed for different people. Picture books are usually for babies and 

children. Love stories and novels are written mainly for young people. Books with such purposes 

as health and medical care are welcome to old people. 

Children are not supposed to read all kind of books. Owing to a rather limited experience of 

the world, they are not old enough to tell good from bad or right from wrong. It is not easy for 

children to resist the temptation to commit a sex crime if they are exposed too often to the books 

with much description of sex and violence. 

Proper guidance is helpful to young people, especially to teenagers. Children who receive 

proper instructions from parents and teachers about their spare time reading will be most likely to 

live in harmony with neighbors and social values. Those who are not properly guided may 

possibly be puzzled and grow up to be troublemakers. 

Who Should Have the Say? 

It is quite common for the parents to make all the decisions for their child in China. They 

choose schools for their child. They decide on the child’s clothing, timetable and even company. 

After their child’s graduation, the parents tend to pick up a job, perhaps a spouse, to some extreme, 

for their child. 

Having no say at home hinders a child from making way in the world. The parents cannot 

stay with their child and make decisions on everything fro him all the time. The parents having all 

say for their child will make him develop a passive and dependent habit, which will do him more 

harm than good in their future career. 

To learn to be independent is essential for every child. After graduation, a child has to be 

faced with all the problems he may encounter, such as job-hunting. He will build up a family of 

his own and has a baby. Therefore, giving advice to rather than making decisions for the child is 

more realistic.






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