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  I have a friend who is a team leader of about 25 employees who are primarily women.She's found a trick that works for her most of the time,but-not always.Those staff who appear in much less than professional dressing are asked if their mother and father would think appropriate a picture of them dressed in what they believe is"OK"for work.If they say"yes",she then takes a picture and asks them to send it home.Having a camera helps.Having a visual proof drives her message home.
  I think it really boils down to a moral question.Is it morally"right"to use our body to move ahead in business?or should we instead emphasize intelligence,capabilities,creative and independent thought,professionalism,and other such qualities which many,many women possess,but whom are routinely neglected for promotions and are never glorified or emphasized in our culture.It's okay to be a tough,competent lawyer like Ally Mcbeal,but you won't get noticed unless you look good in really short skirts.Having a nice body is a plus,but I think that there are tons and tons of styles of dress which can show off a nice body in a professional way.
  A lot of employees have finally gotten the message about inappropriate(不合适的)dress-down items such as jeans,shorts,revealing tops,etc.They are starting to wear the proper dress-down clothes.However,wearing the appropriate dress-down clothes doesn't mean you're excused from ironing and it's certainly no license to wear dirty clothes.Wash and iron people!And guys,tuck your shirts in and put on a pair of socks!
  I work in a large company that has adopted the business code.They have an outline of what is acceptable and what is not.On it you find the typical,no blue jeans,no mini-skirts,no bare feet or legs and that type of thing.I guess I agree with Jessica.Anyone with common sense knows how to dress appropriately for whatever environment he or she works in.I am a casual person by nature but I tend to wear the business dress in my office.I do see some people in my building wearing casually and they look strange there.
  You're forgetting the most important point-it's"their"business.They are the ones who have put financial resources on the line:who have a whole bunch to lose if the business goes bad:who are providing employment for others.Therefore,they get to make the rules.If that includes a dress code,then that's their right.If you'd like a different dress code-start your own business.
  Now match each of the people(1 to 5)to the appropriate statement.
  Note:there are two extra statements.
  A.We shall not be moved.
  B.Money means freedom.
  C.Photos taking are pleasant.
  D.There are people who are so careless about dressing.
  E.Action speaks louder than words.
  F.It is our society that must be blamed.
  G.You should wear appropriately where you are.
  答案及解析:1.E 2.F 3.D 4.G 5.B
  凯瑟琳:我认为这归结到一个道德问题,从道德上来说,用我们的身体来使生意有所进展,是对的吗?还是我们应该强调明智、能力、创造力和独立思维、专业以及其他品质?很多女性都拥有这些品质,但是她们在我们的文化中不会受到推崇或重视,晋升无份。成为Ally Mcbeal那样强悍且有能力的律师也不错,但是你只有穿上超短裙看起来很漂亮才会被人关注。拥有漂亮的身体是一种优势,但是我认为有无数的衣服能以职业的方式突显漂亮的身体。

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